Hire me hello@elle-est-au-nord.com
to help your team with data or web projects!

I research, prototype and deliver projects using opensource tools.


New features to a user interface for CamBioScience to visualise and edit scientific information [Clojurescript, React (Reframe)]

App that parses JSON data and presents it on a user interface (re-write with Angular.js in progress) [Javascript/jQuery, HTML/CSS]


Web service for InternetBar.org that receives chatbot messages, parses them and creates a PDF document for vulnerable people to obtain a protective order [Javascript, Node.js]

Template web application to be used with Mastodon C Ltd’s authentication/authorisation microservice [Clojure, Cassandra]

Data journalism

Help teach Python to journalists Journalism++ [Python, BeautifulSoup]

Contribute datasets and web templates to EDJNET Stats Monitor for Journalism++ [Python, Pandas, Jupyter notebook, Javascript and HTML (Pug)]

Data engineering

Programme for a client of Mastodon C Ltd to load sensor measurements from files on AWS S3 onto a web platform via an API [Clojure/Amazonica, AWS S3]

Scripts for Mastodon C Ltd's data engineers to handle JSON data from/to an API and write CSV reports [Python, JSON]

Programme for Mastodon C Ltd's data scientists to create a Clojure project structured to write predictive models from an XML diagram [Clojure, XML]

Data science

Classifier for scientific articles using topic modelling [Python, Gensim, Nltk]

Population projections model using a Cohort Component method for Mastodon C’s city planning platform [Clojure, core.matrix]

Dwellings projections model for MastodonC Ltd’s city planning platform [Clojure, core.matrix]

Fire risks projections model for commercial buildings delivered to a client of Mastodon C Ltd [Clojure, core.matrix]

Special Educational Needs and Disability demand and cost projections model delivered to a client of Mastodon C Ltd [Clojure, core.matrix]